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Electoral bonds

Data visualisation

This data visualization delves into recent incidents surrounding electoral bonds in India, sourced from the websites of the Indian Election Commission and the Association for Democratic Reforms. Beginning with fundamental questions about electoral bonds, it explores their distribution, donations, and encashment by parties and companies. The visualization also covers timelines, relationships with elections, and significant events such as raids and contracts. Finally, it compares bond-related amounts with other socio-economic aspects.

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women in politics

The infographic titled "women in politics" consists of 4 posters which visually represents the history of women's reservation in the Indian Parliament. It highlights significant milestones, such as the introduction of the Women's Reservation Bill in Parliament, the subsequent debates, and the subsequent developments that have shaped the discourse on gender equality in politics. The infographic aims to raise awareness about the long-standing struggle for women's representation and the progress made over time, emphasizing the importance of continued efforts to achieve gender parity in political decision-making.

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Farming futures

Developed as an academic exercise, this project examines the agency & disparity between small & large hold indian farmer. The project uses a system of 6 capitals(economic, social, natural, human, material & cultural) as a proxy for agency and assess the farmer’s access to these capitals. It also maps out the interactions between various stakeholders that enable the exchange of these capitals. In doing so it brings out key insights that underline the motivations of small farmers & their challenges in negotiating agency. The summation of the project is a data visualisation that captures all of this information via a giga map.

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Smart lighting

This data visualization delves into the diverse array of intelligent light bulbs offered in the Indian market. It comprehensively examines the assorted features that constitute a smart bulb, including intricate details about price points, power consumption levels, and brightness capabilities. By presenting this data visually, users are empowered to make informed decisions tailored to their specific illumination requirements. A meticulously curated dataset serves as the foundation for crafting a variety of data visualizations across multiple platforms and software tools, allowing for insightful exploration and comparison of the available smart bulb options.

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MBTI Data portrait

This project aimed to delve into and comprehend the systems of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Through the categorization of individuals based on the MBTI and real-life comparisons, it was observed that the classifications are more of a spectrum rather than absolute categories. To visually represent this spectrum, a visualization utilizing basic shapes and colors was developed. The coding aspect of the project utilized the p5.js framework, enabling the creation of dynamic and visually engaging visuals. Overall, the project provided an innovative and visually intuitive way to explore and understand the nuances of MBTI types.

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Form re-design

This project originated from the fundamental question of why forms are often challenging to fill out. Specifically, the focus was on the 15G form, which pertains to banking and aims to prevent taxation on income below a certain level. The original form, user-filled data, and the bureaucratic processing involved were thoroughly examined and analyzed. Techniques such as visual hierarchy, thoughtful font selection, effective grouping, appropriate enclosures, and precise micro and macro spacing were employed to enhance the form's usability and user experience, making it more accessible and easier to navigate for individuals filling it out.

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